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Manager of Many Sorts

“Andy is the kind of engineer you want to hold on to. He has the ability to see ahead of the game, prepare for all possibilities, yet go with the flow when necessary. He makes what is available work, and does it well. I've enjoyed working with Andy both on tour and via festival. I'd keep him around for more.”


Keyboardist & Manager

      Hard Working Americans

"Andy approached us a while back about mixing some shows, as it just so happened he was mixing a band supporting.  We had him on board that first run of shows and keep asking him back.  He's energetic and good at what he does along with a good attitude to boot.  Not much more you can ask for."


Production Manager

     20 Monroe Live

“I have worked with Andy Whilden on numerous occasions advancing show details for a variety of bands performing at the Fox Theatre and Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado. Each time Andy is extremely thorough and informative and takes time and effort to make sure that we are fully prepared for the show. He is a skilled audio engineer who ensures the highest quality of sound is provided at each show. He is a hard working individual and a pleasure to work with.”


Drummer/Tour Manager

Hot Buttered Rum

"Andy Whilden is a young, energetic and talented sound engineer. Having played in touring bands for over ten years and owned a small sound company, I'm familiar with the qualities it takes to be an effective crew member. Talent and eagerness to continue learning night after night is just one side of the coin. Andy is also a good communicator, able to independently take on big responsibility, and generally a joy to work with."

Andy's work was mentioned in this online review from Rhythms on the Rio Festival in South Fork, CO. - Link to article

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